We invest substantial resources in ensuring our products are both safe and of the highest class, and that they are produced with the least possible environment impact. We supervise the entire chain from field to table. Our company is a food producer certified to BRC, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – standards that help us work in a systematic way with regard to product safety, quality and the environment.

Choosing suppliers Product Safety, Quality Assurance and Environment work starts with choosing raw materials and suppliers. As a company we ensure our requirements are satisfied via agreements with carefully selected suppliers. We always aim to source raw materials as local to us as possible. Our largest single raw material by far is grain that comes from farmers on the Västgöta plains – within a 100 kilometre radius of our mill.

Quality analysis of grain We have our own laboratory that ensures the quality of both our raw materials and finished products are of the highest class. Every grain delivery is analysed in line with a sample taking plan and each analysis must be approved before the grain is accepted. This is followed by regular inspections at all stages of the production process.

Trained personnel One step in our development is that we offer all employees regular training in areas such as hygiene, product safety and product knowledge.

Internal and external audits Regular audits both internally and by external certification bodies are designed to ensure we live up to the regulatory and other demands placed on us.

Organic production The company is certified as an organic producer. Our range also includes several KRAV labelled products.

GMO Our products do not contain any GMO and do not need to be labelled as such in accordance with applicable legislation.

Nut free production All our raw materials, our packaging and the packaging suppliers we work with are carefully selected and regularly audited. Audits are performed on each new supplier before agreements are signed and orders placed. As part of any new audit, the trustworthiness and reliability of the supplier is assessed and a risk assessment performed of raw materials security especially when it comes to allergens. At this stage, the supplier is also required to certify and sign a binding agreement, in which they guarantee that their facilities have been risk assessed for allergens and as “free from nuts”, and that their suppliers can also guarantee the same. Each audit and “free from nuts” certification is reviewed and updated annually.